June 16, 2024


The martial arts of East were born 2.000 years before. The Japanese island Okinawa came in contact with several types of martial arts in China. Some of the features were added in a new martial art of Okinawa.

In 1600, Japanese army invaded Okinawa and banned the use of weapons. Thus the class of warriors began to secretly trained in a form of self-defense that did not need to use weapons but using ancient techniques and improve them.

Consequently, modern Karate is essentially the result of a mix of Chinese martial arts of Okinawa and Japan over the centuries. It began to be taught in public not later than the beginning of 1900.

Funakoshi established the first Dojo in Japan in 1936.

The Organization of Karate in Japan (JKA) was created in1955 by Funakoshi as main Master-Trainer. The name ofShotokan comes from Shoto which was the nickname ofFunakoshi and Kan that in Japanese means “room”.

Japanese brought Karate in Europe in the late 50s. SenseiKanazawa that holds the 10ο Dan, is the greatest teacher ofShotokan Karate alive. Shotokan Karate is authentic and the most popular from the other styles of Karate. It differs from other styles because it combines fast and dynamic techniques with controlled and

powerful blows.